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Although we are ultimately working on behalf of the landlord, we take our obligation to offer a transparent and honest duty of care to our tenant clients very seriously.

To this end, we ensure that you are fully informed of all relevant important points, conditions and charges at the point you make an offer on a specific property. This greatly helps to avoid wasting your time and money, and maintains our valued reputation. We follow this up in writing after your offer is accepted but just before you pay your initial holding deposit.

Ultimately we want all our tenants to be fully satisfied with the honest, efficient and personal service they have received from us during what can be a very stressful renting process.

Please find below an informative guide to the main steps involved in the property renting process whilst renting your next home through our agency. Please also feel free to download our highly useful ‘tenants top tips’ guide. This free guide is packed with many top tips gained over the years which will help you save money and time when renting your next property. We recommend it highly – it’s free.

Tenant process step by step guide:

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1. Calculating your budget & Registering your interest

When you first make contact with us, we will ask for the annual salary of each tenant. We can then use the affordability criteria to calculate the highest price you can afford. This will avoid unnecessary viewings of properties that are out of your budget.

We also ask you to give us your detailed search criteria which we will save on file. You can register with us by simply popping into our office or calling us on 0207 275 8000 for a chat about your requirements or if you are short of time you can complete our registration form. You can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to help you find your ideal next home.

2. Viewing Process

You will be informed as soon a property close to your search criteria comes onto the market. We urge you to move quickly to arrange a viewing in the highly competitive London rental market. During the viewing we will be on hand to provide informative answers to your queries related to the property. We are open long hours during the week to give you several options to view a property. Our viewing hours are: 8.30am to 7.30pm Monday to Thursday / 8.30am to 6.30pm on Friday / 8.30am to 5.30pm on Saturday.

3. Making an Offer

Once you have found a property you would like to rent, we will ask you to put your offer in writing to us along with details of your individual job titles, salaries, proposed move in date and additional requests such as: furniture, pets, break clause, cleaning, tenancy term, repairs etc. We will then relay this offer verbally and in writing to the landlord on the same day (if possible) or next day at the latest.

4. Offer Accepted

Once the landlord has accepted your offer, we will confirm this in writing to you making sure to include whether the landlord has agreed to some or all of your additional requests (if any) and to also relay any additional conditions he has that we have not already informed you of. This will all be outlined in the form of a pre-contract agreement which will also clearly outline the amount of payment you will need to make and the payment schedule.

In order for viewings to cease on the property you will need to return this pre contract agreement to us signed along with ID and proof of address for each tenant. You will also need to pay our referencing fees and holding deposit. This must be done within 2 days of us sending you the pre contract agreement. A full breakdown of our letting fees is outlined on our fees page.

The property will still be shown online after you have paid your holding deposit fee and signed the pre contract agreement but our promise to you (in our pre contract agreement) is that we will not carry out any viewings nor consider any other offer from another group of tenants from the point you pay your holding deposit monies and sign the pre contract agreement up to the point all of your reference results have come back.

The rationale behind this process is that you will have an assurance that you will not lose out to another group of tenants after you have paid your monies but also the landlord will have a list of ready-made tenants for us to call upon in the event that some or all of you fail your reference checks and also fail to arrange a guarantor (if acceptable).

On the basis that all of your reference checks have passed ok, the property will then be shown as under offer on our website and it will be taken off the market indefinitely.

5. Referencing Process

Upon receipt of the above mentioned monies and paperwork, we will email you all an online reference application and ask you to kindly complete it and submit it promptly. Your submitted online forms will then be automatically emailed to the referencing agency and they will carry out the following reference checks:

  • A credit check to see if the credit score of each tenant is at the right level and more crucially to ascertain that they do not have any adverse credit or CCJ’s or bankruptcies against their name.
  • An employer’s reference to confirm that each tenant earns the minimum required income and to confirm that they are full time employees within that company.
  • A current landlord’s reference confirming that you had paid your rent on time, looked after the property and did not create any damage and that the landlord will have no hesitation in renting to you again.

This referencing process usually takes a few days to complete. Once we receive the reference results for all of you and they have passed ok we will duly inform both parties accordingly. We will also at this stage arrange the time on your move in day that you will all come in to sign the AST and other relevant paperwork and collect your keys.

6. Move in date

A few days before your move in date, we will remind you of the balance monies that you will need to pay into our account on or before your move in date.

On the basis that you have paid the correct sum into our account on time, we will meet all of you at our office at the agreed time on the move in date for you all to sign the relevant paperwork. Upon signing we will give you all a set of keys each, a welcome pack (outlining utility companies, meter readings and user manuals etc.) and a moving in gift courtesy of Courtneys.

If the landlord is managing the property themselves we will also at this stage give you their full contact details and vice versa. If we are managing the property, our property manager will be your point of contact regarding maintenance and property inspection matters.

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Tim was great and the service, excellent!

candela urrutia

We recently found a flat to rent through Courtneys, all the team has been professional, friendly and very helpful, replying always quickly and with very polite manner to our inquir...

Ghiringhelli Manuela

Had a very smooth experience securing my new flat through Courtneys. They have been very responsive whenever we needed anything and see to any repairs very quickly - very reliable.

Liam O'Hare

Tim from Courtneys was an absolute pleasure to work with - he was extremely attentive, knowledgeable and was instrumental in ensuring the sale got over the line. As first time buy...

Kerry Barnes

Sanjiv has been exceptionally helpful from the first time that we met him and he continues to be easily contactable and friendly. He explains processes clearly and responds to our ...

Ms C Mellor

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