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Pets and Lets - From a Landlord's Perspective

The UK is a nation of animal lovers. We've led the way on several global campaigns which have improved animal rights and welfare. The pet business in the UK is a billion-pound industry. In our experience, most landlords do not want to accept people who have pets. But some will consider it based on certain criteria being met.

A recent government white paper has proposed that landlord's will not be able to refuse tenants with pets (unless they have a valid good reason). This has not yet become law but it is expected to do so within the next few years.

In the meantime, here are our six top tips for landlords when considering letting their property to someone with pets.

1. Seek total honesty from the prospective tenant from the outset and ask for as much information as about the pet as possible.

2. Ask for references. The more the better, with the current landlord providing one if available. They'll need to show evidence from people who can testify as to the behaviour of the pet and, therefore, the likelihood or otherwise, of the pet causing damage to your property.

3. Confirm upfront that they are happy to pay for professional cleaning at the end of the tenancy.

4. Ask to meet the pet in their current home to assess its behaviour to allow you to make an informed choice (or ask your letting agent to do this on your behalf).

5. Consider asking for a little more in rent to reflect the increased wear and tear factor that often comes with an animal in the property.

6. Ensure that your letting agent has experience of letting to tenants with pets and has a number of specific pet related clauses to add to the AST.

In our experience, prospective tenants have become a lot more honest about having pets. 10 or so years ago it wouldn't be uncommon for people to try to 'sneak' pets in. This is much, much rarer now.

Thanks for reading and if you have any other property related questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with us - we'd love to help you.

Tim Gorgulu.

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