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A picture paints a thousand words

Why it is so important to have the right photographer when selling your property!

Imagine you hired a professional photographer to come and capture on film a special event you were holding and they turn up with a smartphone and a selfie stick and starts clicking away - I guess you'd be horrified, I know I would be!

When you employ a professional you expect a certain level of service.

In the photographer's case you'd quite rightly demand they have the right equipment, and supply you with a range of photos to choose from and stick around for as long as the occasion demanded.

When it comes to special family events such as weddings, birthdays or christenings photos are incredibly important and not an area you'd want to skimp on.

It is exactly the same with property photography. The photos are THE most important tool for marketing the property online and indeed offline.

The cost of poor photography can cost you thousands of pounds when you sell your house. When we are given an instruction to sell a property we do not cut corners. At Courtneys we employ a professional photographer who will visit your home and ensure each photo shows your home in its very best light.

We take the time to make sure every shot looks good so you won't see coats over chairs, toys in the middle of the front room or even a wheelbarrow in the middle of the front path.

We've often revisited a property when the sun is out to take exterior shots as this often makes the pictures far more appealing. Everyone loves a blue-sky backdrop.

Our photographer also creates a floor plan which is such an important tool when it comes to selling your home, potential buyers want to understand the layout and size of the property.

It's this attention to detail which help make up the big picture (pun intended, sorry not sorry) and ensure your property is shown in all its glory.

If you are considering selling or letting your home, we can help! As your local Hackney estate agents based in Dalston we know the area and are here to support you.

Please get in touch on 0207 275 8000 or email - we are here to offer our professional, friendly and expert advice.

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